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Our actions

The creation of impact of the energy transition, by linking academic innovation to real-life solutions, is the core of our mission. This is done by transforming knowledge and technology into something tangible. Newly developed technology and knowledge should, first and foremost, be used for the benefit of society. 

EnerGhentIC focuses on both societal and economic valorization. For the economic valorization we work closely together with the Ghent University Tech Transfer (TT), which stimulates cooperation with industry so that research results can become directly available to society and can be marketed. For societal valorization, the focus is on knowledge transfer to provide answers to social issues.  

Valorization is not a matter of 'one size fits all'. There are many manifestations, such as the examples below.

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Master theses

At the request of an organization, a student can work out a master's thesis on the work floor. The student independently carries out a scientific assignment within the organization. The work delivered must demonstrate mastery of tools, inventiveness, originality and craftsmanship and a research-oriented attitude. The master's thesis is supervised by someone within the company and by an academic supervisor. This can serve as the start of a joint research trajectory. 

Joint research projects

Do you want to develop new products or services - or refine existing ones? Do you need coaching from experts? In collaboration with industrial and societal partners we set up joint research projects, both bilateral and multi-partner, potentially multidisciplinary and on a European scale. Through co-funded joint research projects, you get access to our top-notch experts in their field, our international knowledge network, our equipment and facilities and opportunities for financing. 

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Patents & licenses

EnerGhentIC assists its researchers in the protection of intellectual property and is looking for industrial partners to bring patented technology to the market. We help researchers to evaluate the market potential of an invention, to develop a protection strategy, to file a patent application, to follow up on patent procedures, etc. Ghent University offers technology for various application in the domain of energy and is actively seeking partners or licensees for these technologies. 


A chair is a type of partnership whereby a company, social institution or private individual commits to financing academic research or teaching on a particular theme at Ghent University over a longer period of time. This is a way to support research and teaching, based on the conviction that this benefits society in several ways. We are actively looking for chairs in the domain of energy – An example is the recently started Actemium Chair on sustainable energy in industry.  

Call for challenges

We match regional and international organizations, governments and companies with Ghent University teachers who are looking for socially relevant challenges and assignments to use for educational purposes. Present your energy challenge or assignment to students, gain more insights on the specific topic and help our students develop valuable skills in a realistic context!  You can add challenges or assignments on the call for challenges website, an initiative of Durf Ondernemen


A spin-off is a startup company based on research results of the university. Via the Ghent University Venture Track, we coach enterprising researchers to convert innovative research into a commercial product or technology and guide them in determining their valorization strategy and to set-up their spin-off company. Ghent University continuously offers investors the opportunity to finance new companies created to develop and commercialize technology and IP generated in-house. 

Science communication

By sharing scientific knowledge with a wide audience, people outside the academic world also have the opportunity to use scientific knowledge. This requires the researchers to translate their work and insights to different target groups. We developed specific training courses for this purpose. One result of this is our video pitches, in which the work of young researchers is explained to you. Our researchers also contribute to books, public lectures, magazines, blogs, pod casts, etc.  

Public debate

Feeding the public debate with scientific insights and arguments is an important task of the university. This is definitely true for the energy debate, which is complex, urgent and polarized.  The EnerGhentIC researchers actively contribute to the public debate in the format of expert opinions, opinion pieces, participation to thinktanks and advisory boards, public lectures, etc. They moreover actively engage with policymakers in order to support policy decisions. 

Consultancy & testing

Our consultancy services translate our research knowledge into real impact for our business partners. Consultancy is the provision of expert advice, or testing, which draws upon and applies existing knowledge and expertise. Our researchers provide advice, guidance and support throughout the life cycle of your project in the broad domain of energy. Therefore, they make use of our state-of-the-art test infrastructure if relevant.  

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