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We are proud of our active partnerships, both within Ghent University and with external partners, where we join forces to facilitate actual energy transition solutions

Although both fundamental and advanced academic energy research is crucial to find new solutions to tackle the many climate challenges, we also need to work closely together with all other stakeholders to ensure that our academic results find the right applications in the real world. 

EnerGhentIC is convinced that our many close collaborations with other academic organisations, industry and government and this mutual interaction will accelerate the energy transition. Have a look at these inspiring stories and feel free to reach out to us! We are always on the look-out for new partnerships and collaboration options.

" Accelerating the energy transition by joining forces "

Some of our partnership stories


Our long-standing collaboration with Daikin Europe is a great example of how we combine our thermal knowledge with sustainable technology which enters many households

The city of Ghent and EnerGhentIC partner up to realize a sustainable and inclusive energy transition of the build environment in Ghent.

OWI logo.png

OWI-Lab is the RD&I collaboration partnership between wind energy experts from Sirris, VUB and UGent, supporting innovation in the wind energy sector

Within our own Ghent University we have very close ties with the Hydrogen Platform, which focuses on valorization opportunities for hydrogen. It's manager, Louis Sileghem, is one of our team members.


Within our relations with the other Belgian universities, we deliberately choose to join forces rather than to see each other as competitors. Projects PhairywinD and BE-HyFE are two great examples.

Also partners with

Next to these distinct partnerships and intensive collaborations, we also have close ties with many other organizations and entities, where we find mutual exchanges of expertise and experience serves towards propelling the energy transition together.


Flux50 is the membership organization that helps Flanders gain international recognition as a Smart Energy Region


ENLIGHT stands for European university Network to promote equitable quality of Life, SustaInability and Global engagement through Higher education Transformation

De Blauwe Cluster

Blue Cluster is committed to stimulating blue growth in Flanders and creating maximum positive impact for its members and partners


Marine@UGent is a central point of contact for industry, government and other stakeholders regarding marine and maritime research

Ostend Science Park

Ostend Science Park is a high-tech knowledge hub, entirely dedicated to marine and maritime business. The perfect breeding ground to boost blue business

Campus Zeeland

Campus Zeeland is a triple helix partnership of companies, knowledge and research institutions and governments in Zeeland, The Netherlands


The Belgian Energy Research Alliance is an umbrella organization for 16 academic research institutes developing sustainable technologies in Belgium

Our industrial network

EnerGhentIC, and all of the experts in our community, is a trusted partner within the Belgian (and EU) industrial sector, maintaining close contact and collaboration with the following companies: