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Education & training


Our offer

The results of our energy research are integrated in the curriculum of our students across the various faculties. Additionally, students are actively connected to stakeholders from the energy field in the form of joint master theses, site visits, guest lectures, etc.

Moreover, we actively contribute to seminars, study days and summer schools, such as the UGent Blue Science & technology Summer Training and the EnerGhentIC BEST summerschool.

In addition, we are involved in the organization and implementation of various courses for professionals (see below), offered by UGain and developed in collaboration with our industrial partners. We also organize training courses tailored to companies, on request.


Offshore wind energy

Catch the wave of offshore wind and acquire a broad and up-to-date knowledge regarding technology, financing, safety, security, ecology & boundary conditions of offshore wind farms over the entire lifespan. 


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Contemporaray low- voltage installations

This course offers a broad and clear overview of all aspects involved in the dimensioning of electrical low-voltage installations. 


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Renewable energy and flexible control

Acquire and deepen a broad knowledge on sizing renewable energy sources and the associated flexible control. 


Dutch only

Hydrogen: a crucial piece of the puzzle in the energy transition

This training combines theoretical knowledge in the various facets of hydrogen (production, conversion and use, storage, transport, safety) with unique company visits. 


Dutch only

Energy efficiency in industry

This training will familiarize you with the possibilities to increase energy efficiency in your company. 


Dutch only

Circular construction: from materials to construction project

This series of lessons highlights all aspects of circular construction throughout the entire life cycle of a construction project, including energy consumption. 

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