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Research is a core task of the university and therefore also of the EnerGhentIC members, illustrated by the about 500 yearly publications of our community. We focus explicitly on multidisciplinary, multi-partner and cross-border energy research.  

Depending on the type of research, cooperation is organized differently, there are other objectives and other financers. 

If you have any research ideas or needs in the field of sustainable energy, we are always open to discuss a potential collaboration and we can advise on the best way to do so.   

Type of research

Fundamental Research

Fundamental research aims at the acquisition of new knowledge, without the primary intention for application or commercialization. This research is funded either internally, by the Special Research Fund (BOF), or externally, by the Fund Scientific Research (FWO). There are no external partners involved

Industrial research

Practice-oriented, or industrial research, intends to answer specific operational questions or challenges in existing real-life environments with non-trivial solutions. Knowledge is hereby generated while answering the question. The partner company is both requesting and financing the research (B2B)

Strategic basic research

Strategic based research is innovative research offering prospects for later economic or social applications in case of scientific success, especially driven from industrial needs. It is financed, among others, by FWO, the spearhead clusters (e.g. Flux50 for energy) and Horizon Europe (MSCA-DN). Companies and organizations take an advisory role


Services are used to solve a practical problem or challenge for which no new research is required, but existing knowledge can be applied by our experts. This is not considered as research and therefore there is no research funding for services

Applied research

Applied research aims at the acquisition of new knowledge with the intention of developing or significantly improving generic products or services. This is always done in close collaboration with companies and other stakeholders. They sometimes also co-fund, together with o.a. VLAIO (R&D projects, Baekeland, etc.), Horizon Europe and Industrial Research Fund (IOF)

EnerGhentIC research

The energy research within EnerGhentIC is performed by more than 200 researchers, spread over 17 research groups on many different fields and with a wide variety of industrial, societal and academic partners.


Find more information on our past and ongoing research activities here:

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